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Since this is my first blog, I might well use it to introduce myself. My name is Chinenye MaryRose OKONKWO. I am better known as Nneoma from Nneoma Maternity inc. of which I am the proprietress.

I am a trained, registered, licensed and a practicing Midwife. I qualified as a Nurse in 1989, as a Midwife in 1991 also as a Nurse Anaesthetist in 1995, all in NIGERIA. I had worked for and with two other hospitals and maternity centers as midwife in-charge. 

I established my Birth Center: NNEOMA MATERNITY inc. in my home town Ekwulobia, Anambra State, Nigeria in 2002 and have managed it till date. I have almost 30 years of birthing under my belt and have birthed a good number of mamababy notwithstanding all odds, challenges and inconveniences in the country Nigeria.

I plan to use this blog to lay down for posterity, my experiences in providing assistance to mamababy in pregnancy, delivery and postpartum for better future in a private sector in my country. The goal is to promote safer and better mamababy care, within the a third world environment, now and in the future.

I hope through this blog, to add to internationally available knowledge base, assisting in sharing ideas, knowledge, and acceptance of change, all for better mamababy care as a birther, in association with international bodies such as Midwifery Today Inc, Eugene, Oregon US whose mission I wholeheartedly share: “Through networking and education, Midwifery Today’s mission is to return midwifery care to its rightful position in the family; to make midwifery care the norm throughout the world; and to redefine midwifery as a vital partnership with women”.

At the Belgium 2019 Conference I was assigned Midwifery Today’s Nigeria Country Contact.


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  1. Thanks Dear

  2. Go Mama
    I’m super proud of you Mummy m. Congratulations and more success to you and us.

  3. Your blog is a success, very complete. Ahhh when passion is there, everything is 🙂 Lynnell Goober Laina

  4. Looking forward to reading more. Great post. Really thank you! Really Great. Veronica Benji Brandes

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