Menopause, It’s Effect on Women and Coping Strategy

A Good Will Message to Catholic Women Organization CWO, August 2011 Meeting; Awka Diocesan Talk.
By Okonkwo Chinenye Maryrose 


The Menopause, also known as Change of life, Termination of Reproductive life in a woman, Cessation of Menstruation and Climacteric condition.

  • Menarche: Beginning of menstruation
  • Menopause: Ending of Menstruation.
  • Age of Occurrence: 47 & 52 up to 55 or later. 40 years or earlier

It’s Effects on Women

  • Early puberty tends to follow later menopause.
  • Late onset of puberty tends to follow early menopause.
  • Puberty and menopause may be Racial characteristics (Agbo)
  • Some women have abrupt stop. Some have gradual stop. Some have missed period and finally cease
  • Absence of ovulation may ensue as menopause approaches.
  • Fertility lowers therefore pregnancy becomes very rare after 50 years.
  • At the time of menopause reproductive hormones (chemicals in the blood) lower.
  • After menopause, there is gradual atrophy, shrinking or thinning of the genital organs. The uterus, vagina, cervix, labia, pubic hairs and ligaments get smaller and thinner.
  • Uterine prolapse occurs more if there has been damage during child birth.
  • Infections occur more, example endometritis, Vaginitis, and Vulvitis at this stage.
  • Definitely there is cessation of menstruation. Hot flushes of   face   and   neck, Sweating, Weight   gain, injuries, Thinning   Vulva and Vagina, Painful Sex, Headache, Lack of sleep, Depression and Loss of sexual attractiveness.

Coping Strategy

  • Management of menopause is mainly by understanding and acceptance of the new situation by the women and relatives
  • Vigilance over the signs of deviation
  • Regular medical check-ups
  • Drug treatment is mainly as it shows and Hormonal therapy by physicians to lessen the symptoms


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Okonkwo Chinenye Maryrose RN,RM,RNAS,PDE,TRCN
Directress/ Proprietress, Nneoma Maternity Inc., Natural Family Planning Instructor and CWO Member